1. Which of these is a subordinating conjunction?

 a. yet
 b. although
 c. but
 d. nor


2. Which of these is a coordinating conjunction?

 a. although
 b. unless
 c. but
 d. as long as


3. Which part of this sentence is the relative clause: There might be a flood, in which case the MRT will remain closed.

 a. the MRT
 b. will remain closed
 c. There might be
 d. in which case


4. Which of these isn’t a focus structure?

 a. Into the room came the strong wind.
 b. The weakened eagle was eaten by small ants.
 c. Seldom have I saved any money.
 d. Out of hell came this child.


5. Adverbs and adjectives are used with equatives to:

 a. show mathematical equality.
 b. show that adjectives and adverbs can be equal.
 c. show that something is similar or not to another.
 d. make new adjectives and adverbs.


6. Which sentence has a transitive verb?

 a. Something happened to my dog.
 b. I ordered a steak, not a sandwich.
 c. The parcel arrived.
 d. The dog sneezed after it farted.


7. Which is an example of ellipsis?

 a. I like dogs; however, I hate the way they smell.
 b. I hate living in a small room; I also hate living with too many people.
 c. Some people fall victim to greed; others to power; I to achievement.
 d. Many people make spontaneous decisions; this can lead to undesirable outcomes.


8. What is the indirect object in this sentence: The accident cost me a fortune.

 a. The accident
 b. a fortune
 c. me
 d. cost

9. What is a bare infinitive?

 a. A present participle
 b. A gerund
 c. A modal
 d. A base form of a verb


10. Which of these isn’t a complex preposition?

 a. as well as
 b. at
 c. instead of
 d. in front of


11. Which of these is correct?

a. ‘Therefore’ is a time connector.
b. ‘Afterwards’ is an adding connector.
c. ‘However’ is a contrasting connector.
d. ‘As well’ is a result connector.


12. Which sentence is an example of inversion?

 a. She drank the milkshake immediately.
 b. There is a flying disc in the sky.
 c. Bangkok is convenient, lively and full of fun surprises, but the pollution is threatening.
 d .There goes my money.

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