1. It’s _____ turtle.
a. an
b. is
c. a
d. are


2. Make this sentence into a question: The cherries are in the fridge.
a. Are the cherries in the fridge?
b. Cherries in fridge?
c. The cherries in the fridge?
d. Is the cherries in the fridge?


3. _____ learn English on _____ computer.
a. Me ,me
b. She, their
c. My, we
d. I, my


4. My friend has eight _____ .
a. expensives car
b. expensively car
c. expensive cars
d. cars expensive


5. What type of music _____ like?
a. do you
b. you
c. you don’t
d. do


6. She _____ English from Sathorn.
a. learns
b. learning
c. is learn
d. learn


7. There aren’t _____ cups in the kitchen.
a. some
b. a
c. any
d. one


8. We learn with _____ .
a. they
b. them
c. I
d. she


9. We _____ eat at restaurant that serve junk food.
a. usually don’t
b. usually doesn’t
c. don’t usually
d. doesn’t usually


10. _____ to the amusement park?
a. Is we going
b. Are we going
c. We be going
d. We go


11. We _____ in northern Thailand last week.
a. was
b. am
c. be
d. were


12. He _____ a free ticket to Paris.
a. get
b. getting
c. got
d. go


13. He said that he _____ do his homework.
a. don’t
b. didn’t
c. not
d. is


14. _____ run 2 kilometers.
a. Can I
b. Can’t I
c. I can
d. Can


15. _____ get up before 9 a.m. tomorrow.
a. Am I going to
b. I am going to
c. I going to
d. I to


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