1. There is ____ in the drawer.

a. a knive
b. knife
c. a knife
d. knifes


2. ____ class has 6 students.

a. I
b. You
c. He
d. My


3. What is your ____ job?

a. fathers
b. fathers’
c. father’s
d. father


4. ____ doesn’t like to eat when the T.V. is on.

a. She
b. They
c. I
d. We


5. Another way of saying five a.m. (5:00 a.m.) is:

a. five in the evening
b. five in the afternoon
c. five hours
d. five in the morning


6. It ____ in every season in Thailand.

a. often rain
b. often rains
c. rains often
d. often raining


7. He ____ his glasses in the dark cave.

a. dropped
b. drop
c. dropping
d. is drop


8. I ____ a 3G phone because there isn’t any service yet.

a. didn’t bought
b. didn’t buy
c. didn’t buys
d. not buy


9. There are ____ turtles in the pond.

a. a
b. much
c. any
d. some


10. I don’t have ____ free time.

a. many
b. a
c. much
d. a many


11. I ____ to some music on my iPod.

a. am listen
b. is listening
c. am listening
d. are listening


12. Look at those ____ fish in the pond.

a. beautiful
b. more beautiful than
c. most beautifully
d. beautifully


13. Can you speak Russian? No, I ____.

a. can
b. can’t to
c. can’t
d. don’t


14. I ____ be famous when I get older.

a. going to
b. am going to
c. am to
d. are going to


15. I’m sorry, but I ____ here before.

a. never has been
b. has never been
c. never have been
d. have never been


16. What verb tense is this sentence: The cartoon is going to teach you a good lesson.

a. Present continuous
b. Present simple
c. Future
d. Past simple


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