1. What laptop should I buy? It ____ what you’ll use it for and your budget.
a. depends on
b. depends to
c. depends at
d. depends for

2. Which is in its normal form:
a. most simple
b. simpler
c. simple
d. simplest

3. I ____ my watch for over ten years.
a. have had
b. have been having
c. has
d. have

4. What ____ this Friday night?
a. you do
b. are you doing
c. you doing
d. will you doing

5. Choose the incorrect answer: There was ____ pizza in the fridge.
a. a few
b. a large
c. a slide of
d. some

6. I haven’t been on an airplane ____ a long time.
a. for
b. during
c. at
d. while

7. What passive tense is this sentence: The restroom isn’t being used.
a. Present perfect
b. Present continuous
c. Past simple
d. Past perfect

8. Make this sentence past perfect: They already finished eating by the time we ____.
a. will arrive
b. arrived
c. have arrived
d. had arrived

9. That stranger ____ me whether I was from around here or not.
a. claimed
b. said
c. asked
d. tell

10. We will ____ you a new computer if you ____ your exams with A’s.
a. got, passed
b. get, pass
c. get, passed
d. get, will pass

11. If ____ I had bought that lottery ticket, I ____ hit the jackpot.
a. only, will
b. Jim and, am going to
c. Bill and, surely
d. only, would have

12. If you can’t see the board from there, you ____ your eyes ____.
a. shouldn’t has, tested
b. won’t have, tested?
c. should have, for test
d. should have, tested

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