Part One :  Language Use and Usage (Items 1 – 40)

1.  Oral Expression
     Directions:  Choose the best answer.

Conversation 1:
Two roommates are trying to decide what to have for dinner.Pat:      I’m too tired to cook.  ____1______?
Linda:  That would be nice.  ______2______?
Pat:      Let’s go to the Chinese restaurant again.  I like the food there.
Linda:  But we just went there last week.  _______3_______.
Pat:      The Thai restaurant?  You mean the one opposite the Chinese restaurant?
Linda:  ______4______.  I think the food at the Chinese restaurant is rather oily.
______5______.  Besides, the Thai food at that place is very delicious.
Pat:      ______6______?  Have you ever eaten there before?
Linda:  Yes.  A Thai friend took me to lunch there last month.
Pat:      OK.  Let’s go there, then.

a.  Shall we have a rest
b.  Let’s eat out tonight, okay
c. How about you
d. Whose turn is it tonight

a.  Where would you like to go
b.  Do you think we really are
c.  Do we have enough time
d.  Who would go with us

a.  You may like to have Thai food, then
b.  You can choose where you like to go
c. I’d rather go to the Thai restaurant instead
d. I’ve heard about a good Thai restaurant

a. That’s right
b. Oh, come on
c. Really
d. That’s a good idea

a. But I like its atmosphere
b. I prefer Thai food to Chinese
c. And I don’t want to eat out
d. I enjoy all kinds of food

a.  Are you hungry
b.  How do you like the food
c.  Can you hurry up
d.  How do you know

Conversation 2:
Andy bought a shirt from a department store.
When he got home, he found an ink spot on the collar, so he goes back to the store to return it.
Salesperson:    Good afternoon, sir.  ______7______?
Andy:               Yes, Id like to get a refund for this shirt.
Salesperson:    ______8______, sir, because it was on sale.
Andy:               Then can I talk to the manager?
Salesperson:    I’m sorry he’s not in right now.  Er… _____9_____, sir?
Andy:               There’s an ink spot on the collar.
Salesperson:    _____10______.
Andy:               Can’t I get a refund?
Salesperson:    _____11_____, sir.  We can only exchange it for you.
Andy:               All right, then.  Thank you.

a.  Don’t you need help
b.  Can I help youb.  Are you looking for someone
d.  Would you return the shirt

a.  I hope you don’t mind
b.  This style was sold out
c.  I think you’d better not
d.  I’m afraid you can’t

a.  what’s the problem
b.  what’s wrong with you
c.  do you have any reason
d.  may I return your shirt

a.  It’s not our responsibility
b. I’m sorry to see you
c. You can’t put the blame on us
d. In that case, we can get you a new one

a.  I don’t think that’s possible
b. I can’t make a decision now
c. I’m only an employee here
d. I don’t want to argue with you

Conversation 3:
Jinda, who has just arrived in England, is very thirsty and wants to buy a drink from a vending machine.

Jinda:   Excuse me, have you got any change?
Kate:    Let me see.  _____12_____?
Jinda:   For this vending machine.  I haven’t got a 50 pence coin.
Kate:    I’m sorry.  I haven’t got any change either.  Actually, you can use a
pound coin in it.  It will give you change.
Jinda:   Oh, I see.  Er…I’m sorry to trouble you again.  _____13_____?
Kate:    Sure.  What would you like?
Jinda:   A can of orange juice.
Kate:    Insert the coin into this slot and ____14____.  There it goes.  Please don’t
forget to pick up the change.
Jinda:   Thank you very much.
Kate:    _____15_____.

a.  What are you looking for                b.  Who are you waiting for
c.  What do you need it for                  d.  Which coin do you ask for

a.  Can you show me how it works     b.  Would you do me a favor
c.  Do you have some fizzy drinks      d.  May I use a pound coin

a.  wait for a while                                 b.  pick up a can
c.  collect a cup near the slot             d.  press this button

a.  No worry                                             b.  Not at all
c.  Same to you                                     d.  Good luck

1.2 Situational Dialogs

16. You and your sister come home very late.  Other people in the house are already asleep.  You sister makes a loud noise, so you say:  Sh!______________
a It’s very quiet.                                b. Let’s get them up.
c.Every body is sleepy.                 d. You’ll wake everybody up.

17. You want to go on holiday to Japan next summer, so you ask a travel agent for advice.  You say:__________________
a. Are you keen on organizing a trip to a foreign country?
b. Can you suggest some interesting tourist spots in Japan?
c. What kind of holidays do you prefer?
d. How much will you pay to go to Japan?

18. You see a friend carrying a heavy box and want to help.  You say:________________
a. Let’s take that away.
b. Perhaps I could use the box.
c. Can I give you a hand?
d. Don’t you want to help yourself?

19. You are applying for a scholarship, and you ask your English teacher to write a recommendation letter for you.  You say:_________________
a. I wish you would write a recommendation letter.
b. Is it possible for you to write a recommendation letter for me?
c. You ought to write a recommendation letter.
d. Can you do me a favor since I need a recommendation letter?

20. The Petersons have just moved into the house next door.  You pay them a visit and say:_______________
a. Welcome to our neighborhood.       b. Live a happy life.
c. Hope we can get along.                   d. Wish you were here

– 2 –

21. You are leaving to study abroad. Your friends come to see you off at the airport. Before departing, you say:________________
a. Forget me not. b. Have a good trip.
c. See you later. d. Please keep in touch.

22. A Thai student wants to go to the Science Museum in London, but he doesn’t know the way, so he asks a policeman. He says:__________________
a. I must go to the Science Museum now.
b. Could you tell me how to get to the Science Museum?
c. I beg your pardon! I want to visit the Science Museum.
d. Please take me to the Science Museum, will you?

23. Your English teacher asks for your opinion about TV game shows these days. You say:_________________
a. Um…some of them are quite challenging.
b. Thank goodness! There used to be a lot of game shows.
c. No wonder they get a lot of sponsors.
d. Of course, I wish I joined a game show.

24. You are invited to dinner at your friend’s house and you have to leave early. You say:________________
a. Thanks for coming. See you.
b. It’s late now. Good night.
c. I’m afraid I have to go.
d. I’m sorry I can leave now.

25. You knocked your friend’s sunglasses off his desk and broke them. You say to your friend:_______________
a. Can’t you get a new pair?
b. How much should I pay you?
c. Pardon me. I hope you don’t mind.
d. So sorry. How clumsy I am!

2. Error Identification
Directions: Four parts of each sentence below are underlined and marked with the number 1, 2, 3 and 4, Identify the underlined part that makes
the sentence incorrect.

Each night the guard would, first, lock the gates, then turn on the lights.
                                             A                                 B
and walking around the factory.
       C                        D

The secretary asked the twelve-years-old girl to wait for her mother in the                                          A                  B                                   C                         D

Kanda is the official who everyone thinks she will transfer to the new
                                                         A     B         C
overseas office in Hong Kong.
The more hardly his father tried to force him to studythe lazier Jimmy became.
                 A                                B               C           D

was supposed
 attending a seminar in Phuket last week, but the
                   A               B
program was canceled due to the floods.
                                         C           D
The man who waited on us in the restaurant which we went yesterday
                              A                B                  C
was one of the slowest I’ve ever seen.

We are planning either to spend our vacation in Rayong or in Hua Hin
                                A                                 B
with our family this coming summer.
                       C     D

– 3 –

 by the question which the referee asked, she could not answer
           A                               B                                            C
it immediate.

Life will become more complicate when you leave school.
                A                         B           C               D

Nipa didn’t sleep well because of the thunder, and her brother didn’t, too.
                            A          B                               C                            D

Tida is the only one of the committee members who knows how the
               A                                              B                           C
candidates look like.

We hope to move soon, but we haven’t started look for a new home yet.
                  A                   B                              C                             D
No one has said nothing so far; however, I believe that the truth will so  on 
             A              B                                                                     C
reveal itself.

Cycling, in addition to hiking, are becoming a popular sport among Thai teenagers.
                       A                              B                               C       D

John bought himself the lightest, the most recently manufactured, and
                      A                 B                        C
the les expensive camera in Singapore.

– 4 –

Part Two: Writing (Items 41 – 60)
1. Sentence Completion
Directions: Choose the best item to complete each sentence correctly.

41. Smoking causes dreadful diseases not only in smokers themselves _____________.
a. but also in people close to them
b. as well as in people close to them
c. and in people close tot hem also
d. although not in people close to them

42. Both Mary and her sister, ___________ my sister, are studying Tourism and Hotel Management at Mahidol University.
a. included b. except
c. together with d. apart from

43. When you feel exhausted, do something you enjoy;______________.
a. for example, listen to music
b. therefore, one can always sleep well
c. in other words, reading junk mail
d. however, you will stay awake and reel energetic

44. We will take a plane to Chiangmai_________________.
a. if all the air tickets are sold out
b. if the flight attendants are still on strike
c. unless the flight is fully booked
d. unless the hotel rooms are available

45. ________________ that we went hiking in the forest last weekend.
a. It rained so heavily
b. We did so much exercise
c. It was such nice weather
d. We were in such a hurry

2. Cloze
Directions: Choose the phrase that best completes each blank space in the passage.
Passage 1

More and more women are working outside the home nowadays. A woman in a one-parent family ____46____ both for herself and her children. Many wives work _____47____. Others work because they ____48_____ to stay at home day. Women _____49_____ at least 30% of Britain’s labor force since 1960.
A woman may give up work when her children are born and stay at home to ____50____ until they are old enough to go to school. Then she may decide that she _____51____. But she may not be able to return to the work she did before the children were born. Her former work _____52_____ with the school hours and holidays of her children. _____53_____ may now be needed. She may need retraining or a _____54____. There are some opportunities for her – but not really enough.

a. may have to enjoy her freedom
b. must find a way to spend money
c. is likely to stay home
d. has to earn a living

a. because they want to meet their colleagues
b. since social activities are interesting
c. in order to increase the family income
d. so as to enjoy themselves like others

a. find it dull                               b. think it uneasy
c. believe it amusing             d. consider it interesting

a. have had to work         b. have been using
c. have already gained        d. have made up

a. look for them                  b. look after them
c. look at themselves             d. look into themselves

a. must see her friends    b. would like to go out
c. will have to work again      d. ought to travel abroad

a. may not fit in                      b. cannot get along
c. cannot do away                      d. may not come up

a. Various jobs                       b. Several opportunities
c. Many positions                         d. Different skills

a. totally new kind of job       b. fully-experienced boss
c. partially extra income              d. completely new lifestyle

– 5 –

Passage 2

The Bear, a documentary-dramatic film _____55____, a French Canadian director, reflects an attempt to educate viewers about the reality of wild animals.  The film features the beauty of wildlife ____56____ the truth about life and death.  It focuses on the adventures of a young cub ____57____ its mother and is adopted by a male bear.  Their relationship grows closer and closer when they are in danger together, ____58____ while being chased by two heartless hunters.  The climax of the film comes when the big bear ____59____ at the edge of a cliff.  At the climax, an important clue to the moral of the film is found when the bear stops attacking the hunter, who in his fear breaks down and starts to weep.  And ____60____, he narrowly escapes death.

a. by which Jean Jacques Annaud is directing
b. directing by Jean Jacques Annaud
c. which Jean Jacques Annaud directed
d. directed by Jean Jacques Annaud

a. that asks us                                     b. but explains
c. and tells us                                      d. which describes

a. which suddenly loses                  b. lost suddenly
c. which is immediately lost            d. losing immediately

a. struggle to survive                         b. struggling for survival
c. to struggle to survive                     d. being struggled for survival

a. has been confronted by a hunter
b. confronting its prey
c. confronted by other animals
d. confronts its human enemy

a. as the bear being merciful                 b. because the man is merciful
c. due to the mercy of the bear              d. owing to the man’s mercy

Part Three:  Reading  (Items 61 – 100)
Direction:  Choose the word that best completes each blank in the passage.
King Henry VIII set up a government postal service in England, and this was _____61____ by later rulers.  In 1609, no one was ____62____ to carry letters except messengers ____63____ by the government.  But in 1680, a London merchant ____64____ his own one-penny post for the city and suburbs, and it became quite ____65____.  The government took it over and continued the ____66____ till 1801.
The whole system was finally ____67____ in 1804.  Stamps were ____68____, and rates made the same for all distances within England.  Rates varied only according to ____69____.  Later, most other countries modeled their ____70____ systems on that of Great Britain.

a. extended                 b. arranged
c. selected                   d. organized

a. admitted                  b. accepted
c. allowed                    d. acquired

a. transferred               b. governed
c. influenced                d. authorized

a. produced                  b. made
c. started                        d. directed

a. powerful                    b. successful
c. commercial             d. common

a. service                     b. method
c. process                   d. function

a. charged                   b. provided
c. invented                   d. changed

a. received                  b. introduced
c. decorated               d. explored

a. design                    b. form
c. weight                     d. value

a. postal                      b. regular
c. weighing                 d. delivering

– 6 –

2. Reading Passages
Directions:  Read each passage and choose the best answer to each question that follows.
Passage 1
Study the table of survey on types of housing in Australia below.
Choose the best answer to each question.
State/ Territory
Separate House
Terrace house/ Town house
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
1705.3 (76%)
1344.8 (81%)
985.0 (82%)
457.0 (78%)
521.3 (82%)
5300.7 (80%)
183.4 (8%)
98.8 (6%)
54.9 (5%)
93.0 (16%)
71.1 (11%)
527.9 (8%)
343.9 (16%)
212.7 (13%)
150.7 (13%)
35.4 (6%)
45.1 (7%)
832.5 (12%)

Number of dwellings by State/Territory, 1994
71. Among all types of housing in Australia, the most popular one is the ____________.
a. town house                      b. terrace house
c. separate house             d. apartment
72. The state that has the largest number of apartments is ________________.
a. Western Australia          b. New South Wales
c. south Australia                d. Victoria
73. We learn from the survey that _____________ is the second most populated area in Australia.
a. Western Australia           b. Queensland
c. South Australia                 d. Victoria
74. In ____________, the number of town houses is almost three times larger than that of apartments.
a. Queensland                       b. New South Wales
c. South Australia                  d. Western Australia
75. According to the survey, people in Western Australia ______________.
a. prefer living in apartments
b. own fewer town houses than those in Queensland.
c. avoid living in town houses
d. mostly have separate houses of their own
76. According to the survey, the statement which is NOT true is “______________”
a. There are more apartments in Victoria than in Queensland.
b. There are fewer town houses in South Australia than in New South Wales.
c. The number of separate houses in Queensland is the same as that in Western Australia.
d. The number of town houses in Victoria and in South Australia are about the same.

77. We can infer from the survey that ____________.
a. South Australia has the smallest population
b. most Australians have large families
c. Australians enjoy living with other people
d. people in Australia do not have housing problems

– 7 –

Passage 2

is a voluntary organization providing support and accommodation for single
homeless people.
Our Maryhill Women’s Project is currently recruiting
5       FEMALE VOLUNTEERS*  (aged 18+) (FULL-TIME)
to work with long-term homeless women who have additional support needs.
Volunteers are provided with their own independent accommodation, and living          expenses are covered, Minimum 10-12 months’ commitment.
The work is challenging, rewarding and excellent experience for those
10      considering a career in the caring professions.            For more information please contact:
Mayhill Women’s Project Tel: 0141 941946 2053
*Section 7(2)(e) of the Sex Discrimination Act applies to these posts.
Glasgow Sim on Community aims to be an equal opportunities employer.

78. Glasgow Simon Community _______________.
a. financially supports a voluntary organization that helps women
b. is responsible for providing accommodation for women who have nowhere to live
c. is an organization that raises money to help unmarried women with children
d. aims at helping people who are not yet married and have nowhere to live.

79. The person who might be hired for the position is _______________.
a. John, aged 19, able to work full-time
b. Maria, aged 21, free the whole day
c. Janet, aged 18, still taking two courses at a university
d. Peter, aged 22, able to work all day every week day

80. The chosen candidates ______________.
a. must stay on the job for about a year
b. have to give financial support to homeless women
c. are required to live in the same house with homeless people
d. must provide their own accommodation

81. The advantage of this job is that the volunteers _____________.
a. will be rewarded after the work is completed
b. will develop an understanding of the homeless
c. will be offered long-term employment opportunities
d. can prepare for a career in the caring professions

82. The word recruiting (line 4) means ______________.
a. finding new people to join a company
b. persuading someone to do a difficult task
c. forming a new group of people to do a special job
d. asking someone to do a special piece of work

83. A commitment (line 8) is a ___________________.
a. condition           b. contact
c. promise             d. period

84. The word those (line 9) refers to ______________.
a. the volunteers                       b. single people
c. caring professionals           d. homeless women

– 8 –

Passage 3

Sri Lanka’s national carrier, AirLanka, has eliminated one of its two weekly flights to Japan because of its sharp drop in Japanese tourists.
AirLanka’s manager for Japan told airline officials in Colombo this week that Japanese tourists were avoiding Sri Lanka because of the rising ethnic
5        violence on the island.
Two Japanese nationals were killed and two others were seriously wounded in the           bomb explosions earlier this month inside an AirLanka passenger jet.  The Sri Lanka           Government blamed the blast on Tamil militants fighting for a separate homeland.

85. The word eliminated (line 1) can be replaced by ____________.
a. omitted           b. deleted
c. ignored           d. canceled

86. This passage tells us that ______________.
a. all flights from Sri Lanka will be postponed
b. AirLanka has reduced flights to Japan
c. flying with AirLanka is not safe anymore
d. Sri Lanka is having problems with Japan

87. According to the passage, the situation threatening the Sri Lanka Government is _______________.
a. the country’s inability to control Tamil militants
b. bomb explosions inside a passenger plane
c. Tamil militants being blamed for the bomb explosions
d. Tamil militants wanting to kill all Japanese visitors

88. We can conclude from the passage that ______________.
a. all flights between Sri Lanka and Japan were canceled
b. Japanese tourists are afraid of visiting Sri Lanka
c. it is risky to fly from Sri Lanka to Japan
d. there will be more flights from Japan to Sri Lanka

89. It can be inferred from the passage that _________________.
a. the Japanese Government is having problems with Sri Lanka
b. the Sri Lanka Government is having problems with Tamil militants
c. Japanese tourists have been the main focus group of Tamil militants
d. Sri Lanka used to be the most popular tourist spot for Japanese visitors

90. The purpose of this passage is to ___________________.
a. inform                  b. give a warning
c. persuade           d. condemn an action

91. This passage is likely to be a/an ______________.
a. editorial               b. advertisement
c. news story          d. feature story

– 9 –

Passage 4

Attack the problem at its source.  It is the most effective way of dealing with          garbage since it reduces the amount of materials that become garbage.  You can          practice source reduction while shopping because you vote on products every time you          make a purchase.
5                      Here are so me ways you can put source reduction into action.  You will also be          surprised how often you can save money at the same time.
•Look for products that use only enough packaging to insure quality and do not          appear to be unnecessarily overpackaged with multiple layers of plastics, foil, paper and          other wrapping.  But remember, some of this packaging is
10     designed to insure product safety, making packages tamper-resistant.  Other wrapping          preserves freshness and quality.
•Buy the largest size package whenever practical.  You get more
product with less packaging than with smaller sizes.
•Favor products sold in concentrated forms or in compact packages.
15     Some beverages, liquid soaps, cleaning products and fabric softeners are packaged          this way.  Simply mix the concentrate with water refilling the original container at home.           This process can be repeated indefinitely.
•Use products that do more than one thing such as laundry soaps that combine          detergents with fabric softeners and shampoos that include
20     conditioners.

92. The word it (line 2) refers to _____________.
a. the amount of materials
b. the most effective way
c. dealing with garbage
d. attacking the problem at its source

93. The phrase vote on (line 3) could best be replaced by _____________.
a. elect              b. select
c. nominate      d. determine

94. One way to minimize the amount of garbage is to _____________.
a. buy products with the least packaging
b. avoid using products packed in plastic
c. spend less money on wrapping and packaging
d. use products which are wrapped to keep them fresh

95. According to the passage, you can practice reducing unnecessary garbage at __________.
a. cafeterias      b. supermarkets
c. home               d. launderetters

96. It is not mentioned in the passage that packaging can insure a product’s _____________.
a. quality          b. freshness
c. safety           d. cleanliness

97. All of the following are methods suggested in the passage to decrease the amount of garbage, EXCEPT ______________.
a. purchasing products in the largest size
b. using products in concentrated form
c. looking for products with combined functions
d. buying products with multi-layered wrapping

98. According to the passage, all of the following products come in concentrated from EXCEPT __________.
a. hair conditioners b. fabric softeners
c. liquid soaps d. cleaning products

99. The best title for this passage is ___________.
a. How to Separate Garbage
b. Unnecessary Packaging
c. Ways to Reduce Garbage
d. Choosing Wrapping Materials

100. The writer’s purpose is to _____________.
a. make suggestions b. advertise products
c. report facts d. describe a process

– 10 –