1. ____ much do you pay for a haircut?

a. When
b. Who
c. What
d. How


2. That bakery shop has lots of ____.

a. chocolate cookies
b. muffin
c. doughnut
d. sandwich


3. It ____ when I got up this morning.

a. is raining
b. rain
c. was raining
d. was rain


4. She is getting some ice cream cones ____ us.

a. at
b. onto
c. for
d. to


5. I will come to ____ you ____ when you finish watching the movie.

a. bring, up
b. turn, off
c. put, away
d.  pick, up


6. I ____ my project last week.

a. didn’t do
b. havn’t done
c. hasn’t done
d. not do


7. She ____ about going shopping all day.

a. thinks
b. thinking
c. think
d. be thinking


8. You ____ pay respect to the King.

a. mustn’t have
b. shouldn’t to
c. must
d. should be


9. Many years ____ I worked at a graphic design company.

a. only
b. for
c. ago
d. since


10. I ____ games with my family when we buy a new system this Christmas.

a. will play
b. doesn’t play
c. am play
d. play


11. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous body builder ____ became a governor.

a. that
b. be mowed
c. were mowed
d. is mowed


12. My lawn ____ every two months.

a. are mowed
b. be mowed
c. were mowed
d. is mowed


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