1. For many days, I ____ the cartoon rerun many times.

a. saw
b. see
c. have seen
d. has seen


2. They ____ in here?

a. let you to smoke
b. let you smoking
c. let you to smoking
d. let you smoke


3. Did he ____ you what happened?

a. say
b. said
c. tell
d. told


4. Don’t call me before 9.00 in the evening, I ____ in a classroom.

a. will be
b. teaching
c. had taught
d. will be teach


5. I tried to bake some cookies, but there was a blackout.

a.The action of the verb “tried” is completed successfully. 
b. “tried” doesn’t have an action.
c. The action of the verb “tried” is not completed successfully.
d. There are too many verbs in this sentence.


6. Make this sentence passive: Somebody is following us.

a. We are being following by someone.
b. We are being followed by someone.
c. Someone is following us pleasantly.
d. Someone is following us unknowingly.


7. I ____ sleep.

a. shouldn’t have
b. couldn’t
c. wouldn’t have
d. ought to have


8. Which sentence is an unreal conditional question:

a. What time is it?
b. Are the kittens sleeping?
c. You drank some milk. Did it taste good?
d. Supposing your house was on fire, what would you take with you?


9. Which sentence has a verb given in the past modal form:

a. You can use my car if you like.
b. I think there might be a rainstorm today.
c. The ice-cream shop closed because of the blacout.
d. She might have had a bad dream.


10. Which sentence has a defining relative clause:

a. The next show is about surgery. Which I find disgusting.
b. The fish are swimming away.
c. That’s the guy who walked out of your room.
d. He looks as if he’s going to cry.


11. Which sentence is incorrect:

a. When I graduate, I’m going to get a car as a congratulatory gift.
b. When i will graduate, I’m going to get a car as a congratulatory gift.
c. When I graduate, I will leave the country.
d. When I graduated, my parents were really happy.


12. Which sentence has a non-defining participle clause:

a. The dog which is barking doesn’t have any teeth.
b. The time next year I’ll be relaxing on the seashore.
c. That candy bar, which you are holding, fell on the ground earlier.
d. The spell, cast five minutes ago, was rather entertaining.


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