Speaking (Items 1-30)
Choose the best answer to complete the dialogues.
Man               :       Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in class all week.
Woman        :       I ……..1……… ; the doctor told me to stay in.
Man                :       I hope you are feeling better now.

1.     1) was bored                        2) caught a cold
3) thought too much           4) stayed home to study

Man                :       I understand your point, but I’d like to continue.
Woman        :       ……..2………
Man                :       Thank you.

2.     1) please go on                    2) That’s my point
3) We don’t have time        4)  You should not continue

Man                :       Do you mind if I turn on the radio for a while?
Woman         :       ……..3………
Man                :       Great. There is a program I like.

3.     1) I care                                   2) I don’t like it
3) It’s okay with me              4) Yes, I don’t mind

Man                :       That’s a nice car.
Woman         :       Yeah, it’s a great car even though it’s almost six year old.
Man                 :       Really? It looks new.
Woman         :       I have never driven it much. So, it’s ……..4……..

4.     1) new                                        2) so old now
3) in good shape                    4) usually broken

Man                 :       Hi. Are we still on for tonight?
Woman         :       ……..5…….
Man                 :       Okay. See you at eight.

5.     1) You bet                                 2) If you say
3) We turned if off                   4) I’ll go to bed early

Man                 :       I think we should go tomorrow. Don’t you agree?
Woman          :       I ……..6…….
Man                 :       Good. We’ll leave at seven.

6.     1) can’t agree less                   2) don’t agree at all
3) won’t agree with you          4) couldn’t agree more

Man                 :       How did the exam go? Did you get your score?
Woman          :       I was first in my class.
Man                  :       ……..7……… ! Congratulations.

7.      1) Let it be                                 2) You don’t mean it
3) Look, who’s talking            4) Tell me some more

Man                 :       Excuse me. I was ……..8……. here first.
Woman          :       oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were waiting.

8.     1) in line                                     2) online
3) at the line                              4) beside the line

Man                 :       Please turn the TV down. It’s driving me crazy.
Woman          :       ……..9……..

9.     1) Sure, I’m sorry                       2) Okay, I’ll close it
3) I’ll drive you tomorrow        4) I’m trying to find the car keys

Man                 :       This project is way over budget.
Woman         :       Should we just end it now?
Man                 :       ……..10……..
Woman         :       Well, then maybe we can cut a few corner later.

10.  1) I’d like to ask for permission first
2) Well, it’s okay if we use more curves
3) It would probably be best if we quitted
4) I think we’ve reached the point of no return

Woman        :       ……..11…….. ?
Man                :       The neighbors are throwing another party.
Woman        :       ……..12…….. !
Man                :       I’m getting tired of  their  big get–together.
Woman        :       I know. It’s impossible to sleep with all that racket
Man               :       Well, ……..13…….. I think I’ll have a talk with them.

11.  1) Where is the party                         2) Why do they look angry
3) Who are  you                                  4) What is all that noise next door

12.  1) Not again                                         2) Nor do I
3) None but                                          4) No, never

13.  1) I don’t want to go                            2) I’m sick and tired of it
3) I shouldn’t sleep                            4) I always have great conversations

Man                :       Oh! I hate paying  bills! We never seem to have enough money!
Woman        :       ……..14……..! We always manage. don’t we?
Man                :       I know. but it’s so difficult to save a bit for a rainy day.
Woman        :       And I am tired of just managing. …….15……..
Man                :       What do you think your boss would say?
Woman        :       As hard as I work, I think she should say yes!
Man                :       When was your last one? I can’t even remember.
Woman        :       Exactly! It’s been that long ……..16……..
Man                :       Good. That’s settled then! However, for now. we still have these bills.
And, the checking account is empty.
Woman        :       ……..17……..?
Man                :       You know we aren’t supposed  to touch that. it’s for retirement.
Woman        :       I know. But, this is a special case, isn’t it?
Man                :       I’d rather find another way.

14.  1) Rumor has it that                             2) As good as you can get
3) Keep your shirt on                          4) Put your hat on the table

15.  1) I wish I knew the place to get it    2) The rainy days are here to stay
3) I wish I could get a second job   4) Maybe I should ask for a raise

16.  1) I want it                                                2) She likes me
3) We agree to that                             4) I’m due for one

17.  1) What about our nest egg               2) Should we write a check
3) Do you want to get a bank loan  4) Shall we use our salary

Man                :       I hope I win the lottery this time!
Woman        :       You know it’s impossible.
Man                :       Well, I’m going to ……..18……..
Woman        :       A lot of good that will do. It’s pretty foolish to spend your money on the lottery.
Man                :       I know. But, it isn’t that much. Add, it gives me something to hope for.
Woman        :       Might as well try to ……..19……..
Man                :       Come on! Let me have my little pleasures.
Woman        :       okay, okay. It’s your money.
Man                :       That’s right. And I’ll ……..20……..

18.  1) break my leg                                   2) stand on my feet
3) lose my face                                    4) keep my fingers crossed

19.  1) have blue blood                             2) bay for blood
3) make blood run cold                     4) get some blood from a stone

20.  1) do it over again                               2) do without it                                                                                     3) do with it as I please                      4) do away with it

– 3 –

Mary       :       Hi john.
John       :       Hi, Mary. I  haven’t seen you for weeks. ……..21……..?
Mary       :       I’ve been around; It’s just that I’ve been so busy with work lately.
John       :       I see. Well, ……..22……..
Mary       :       It’s good to see you too. Are you enjoying the party?
John       :       ……..23…….. . Isn’t the food delicious?
Mary       :       Yes, Cindy is such a great cook. I’d come to her parties just for the food!
John       :       Me too. Did you try the seafood gumbo? It’s delicious.
Mary       :       I haven’t yet. But, I will. By the way, Where’s your girlfriend, Wendy?
John       :       Oh, I guess you haven’t heard. We ……..24…….. last week
Mary       :       I’m sorry to heart that. I hope you are doing okay.
John       :       I’ll survive. We weren’t together that long anyway.
Mary       :       There’s always more fish in the sea.
John       :       True. But, I think I’ll just try to enjoy being single for now.
Mary       :       Yes, there are certainly benefits to being …….25……..
John       :       Yeah, I can just do what I want without worrying  about anyone else for a change!

21.  1) How are you                                     2) What did you do
3) Who did you go sea                     4) Where have you been

22.  1) it’s sick to come out                       2) it’s lovely to see you
3) it’s too bad you are late               4) it’s to be done sometime

23.  1) So and so                                         2) So far, so good
3) So on and so forth                         4) A minute or so

24.  1) broke up                                           2) broke down
3) broke in                                            4) broke even

25.  1) unsolved                                          2) undeserved
3) unattached                                      4) unexpected

Tom        :       So, did you decide what movie you want to see tonight?
Bob         :       ……..26…….. , I haven’t even thought about it.
Tom        :       You told me you would check and see what is playing.
Bob         :       Sorry, I had so much going on today.  I ……..27……..
Tom        :       That’s okay. Do you have the newspaper? We can check there.
Bob         :       Sure. I’ve got it right here. Hmm ……..28…….. Well,
there’s  The  Departed at 7:00 pm, The Guardian  is also playing at 7:00 pm,
and  Monster  House is playing at 7:30.  What sounds good to you
Tom        :       I’ve heard that  The Departed   is really good. How about you that?
Bob         :       ……..29……..! Sounds good to me. It’s getting great reviews
and Alex said it’s excellent.
Tom        :       Cool. Do you want to ……..30…….. before the movie?
I think we have just enough time if we hurry.
Bob         :       I think we should. I’m pretty hungry.
Tom        :       Okay. Let’s go.

26.  1) To tell you the truth                           2) To say something to you
3) To go to the cinema with you       4) To have free time for you

27.   1) have been calling you all day       2) never found the time
3) don’t have time for a movie             4) didn’t get your email

28.   1) Let’s see           2) Let it go            3) Let me think                   4) Let it out

29.   1) Sure                   2) No, thanks       3) Yes, I can hear you     4) I won’t buy it

30.   1) grab a bite       2) have a good view       3) play a trick      4) keep a lookout

– 3 –

Writing : Vocabulary (Item 31-35)
Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.
31.   People like to listen to music using a ……………… cassette player
so they can carry them everywhere they go
1) flexible                      2) hard                               3) late                                     4) portable

32.   An ……………… to climb Mount Everest failed as the weather was very bad.
1) attempt                     2) outcry                            3) eagerness                        4) involvement

33.   The ……………… in Holland is flat while it is hilly in Chiang Mai.
1) terrain                        2) whirlpool                      3) avalanche                        4) groundwork

34.   When all the ……………… were counted, the president was re-elected with 65% of the vote.
1) stakes                        2) opinions                       3) records                             4) ballots

35.  The researchers found that the vegetarian diet  was the most energy ……………….
1) efficient                     2) adequate                     3) preservative                     4) obtainable

Writing : Grammar and structure (Item 36-50)
choose the best answer to complete each sentence below.

36.  On the morning of June 11, three antique statue heads, weighing more than ten kilograms, ………………. lying outside a radio station.
1) found were wrapped in a newspaper bag
2) found and wrapped in newspaper in a bag
3) were found wrapped in newspaper in a bag
4) were wrapped and found in a bag of news paper

37.  Ten times as many people work in manufacturing as in farming. ……………..
1) One of every ten manufacturing workers is a farmer
2) The proportion of manufacturing workers to farmers is 10 : 1
3) The proportion of farmers to manufacturing  workers is 10 : 1
4) Ten times more people work in farming than in manufacturing

38.  The switch to 10 digits from nine will require users to add an ‘8’
in the middle of the existing two-digits prefix (01 to 09), followed by
the existing seven-digits number, ………………, for example, numbers starting with 04 and 09
will become 084 and 089, respectively.
1) to order a new mobile-to-mobile call
2) in order to make a mobile-to-mobile call
3) to arrange a mobile-to-mobile call in order
4) to make an order for the mobile-to-mobile call

39.  Determination  and dedication to the work id ……………… .
1) the solution to longevity
2) often in those who are negligent
3) to be able to work hard when necessary
4) what it takes to overcome all the hurdles

40.  Infants who die in their sleep of no apparent cause ……………… .
1) whereas adults do not
2) and no one knows why
3) often have subtle defects in the brain
4) therefore their deaths cannot be avoided